Currently, to save time and costs, electronic transactions through digital signatures (tokens) are gradually becoming popular. Businesses also gradually switch to using electronic invoices to facilitate the storage of accounting information according to Circular No.78/2021/TT-BTC.

An Minh tax agent provides services for businesses such as: 

  • E-invoice packages with packages ranging from 100 invoices to over 10,000 invoices.
  • Provide personal digital signatures and business digital signatures.
  • Provide HSM digital signature
  • Providing a package of accounting support solutions, e-contracts, …
  • Provide personal income tax withholding documents of BKAV, SoftDreams and FPT.
  • Accounting Software Easybook

Customers can refer to our company’s prices according to the detailed table below:

Fee for E-Invoice
Fee for E-Invoice
























Fee for E-Invoice
Fee for E-Invoice – 2


























Benefits of using e-invoices purchased at An Minh:

– Incentive programs with new and loyal customers
– Easy to manage and convenient to use
– Information safety and security
– Shortening payment due to the preparation, sending/ receiving of invoices made through electronic means.
– Easy renewal.



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