An Minh Tax Agency was established in 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, with the criterion of bringing satisfaction and providing professional services to customers, An Minh constantly strives to create beneficial values ​​for businesses.

Being an early bird to catch the tax updates in Vietnam, we will show the certain directions on tax – accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises. (especially FDI enterprises)



An Minh Tax Agency provides the variety of tax related services, including:

  • Tax – Accounting Service.
  • Declare social insurance, labor union.
  • New registration – change content of business registration.
  • Digital signature and electronic invoice.
Tax and accounting services:
  • Periodic tax declaration (month, quarter)
  • Finalization of Corporate Income tax, Personal income year
  • Annual statistical report.
  • Tax risk management.
  • Package accounting services.
Social insurance declaration services, trade union funds:
  • Monthly social insurance declaration service
  • Initial insurance registration procedure
  • Maternity records
  • Procedures for establishing Union base.
Business registration services:
  1. Procedures for establishing a new package company:
    • Licensing procedure
    • Good type round seal.
    • Sign up for a 300-digit e-invoice package.
    • 3-year digital signature.
  2. Procedures for filing at the tax office for the first time.
    • Change the content of business registration:
    • Change the address.
    • Change of charter capital.
    • Change line of business,…

Digital signature and e-invoice services:
Provide digital signatures, e-invoices of suppliers: Softdreams (Easy Invoices), FPT, BKAV, Viettel,…



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