Tax – Accounting Service are a top priority for small businesses to optimize company costs.

So why should we choose accounting and tax services?

Currently, outsourced accounting services (tax reporting) have become an inevitable trend, especially suitable for small businesses because they bring many benefits and efficiency to businesses.

Customers can refer to the details below:

Criteria Tax Service at An Minh Tax            Clerk at Company
Certificate Have full practicing certificates in accordance with the law and are always supervised and renewed by professional agencies every year Only accounting certificate or chief accountant certificate
Experience Have a lot of experience to optimize time and costs in making accounting reports, tax finalization,.. Most have only initial experience and not really in-depth on practical experience.
Cost Only from 500,000 VND / month and only have to pay the costs negotiated in the contract. Basic salaries must be paid to employees and other items such as benefits, insurance, bonuses,..
Stability Well-trained staff always ensure stable and continuous accounting during the signing period. Unstable because accountants may take unscheduled leave or do not hand over work and books adequately.


An Minh is always ready to support and provide customers with appropriate tax and accounting service and solutions including:

  • Check and review the entire accounting system of the enterprise
  • Check accounting documents
  • Check for reasonable and unreasonable expenses
  • Check the preparation and declaration of monthly/quarterly tax reports
  • Inspection and finalization of CIT and PIT in the presence of inspection
  • Troubleshooting accounting records
  • Other services

Cost of accounting-tax services:

Businesses can always be assured of quality, price and ensure completion as soon as possible.

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