Digital signature/ digital certificate/ token… is a device that encrypts all data and information of a business, it is used as a signature replacing hand signature on internet documents .

Digital signatures (DS) are used for the purpose of online tax declaration, electronic customs declaration, electronic banking transactions, electronic securities transactions, electronic social insurance declaration, e-invoice signing, national one-stop portal, administrative agencies… without having to print the company’s declarations and red stamps.

In addition, individuals and businesses can use Digital Signature to sign contracts with online business partners without meeting each other. Just sign the contract file and send it by email.

So which supplier’s digital signature should we buy?

Currently, there are more than 15 organizations allowed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to provide DS services such as Softdreams (Easy Invoices), Viettel, VNPT, FPT, BKAV,… There are 2 factors you need to consider when choosing an agent: price and security. According to An Minh’s assessment, the DS package and the e-invoice of Softdreams supplier are a package provider with many incentives and very good after-sales service.


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An Minh tax agent also provides additional services for businesses such as:

  • Provide e-invoice packages
  • Provide personal DS and corporate digital signatures
  • Provide HSM digital signature
  • Providing a package of accounting support solutions, e-contracts, …
  • Accounting Software Easybook



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