An Minh’s duties when providing tax and accounting services

  • Prepare tax report declaration, PIT declaration, report on invoice use, CIT provision.
  • Submit tax reports to tax authorities as prescribed.
  • Complete documents and make accounting books
  • Preparation of year-end financial statements
  • Consulting on suitable tax and accounting solutions for businesses
  • Other services such as: Untangling accounting records, CIT finalization before inspection, inspection, dissolution, …

The cost of tax and accounting services depends on the number of documents incurred by the enterprise every month, specifically:

Accounting vouchers are calculated as follows:
– Inward invoice and sale receipt: Each invoice is 1 document
– Bank documents: 2 transactions are counted as 1 document
– For import and export declaration: 2 items are counted as 1 document
– Receipts of road fees and charges: 2 transactions are charged with 1 document

After estimating the number of documents incurred monthly, An Minh would like to advise suitable service packages to save maximum costs for businesses.

>> Refer to the service fee price list below

inward invoice sale receipt





























So what do customers need to provide when using tax – accounting services

  • Provide input and output invoices (Via email with electromagnetic bill or Photo bill)
  • Digital signature to submit tax reports online.


An Minh tax agent is having preferential promotion for the first quarter of service fees when customers register for tax agency and tax consulting services at the company. (Applicable to new customers and registered for tax services by year)


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